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Our Mentors provide guidance on navigating the journey to MS in the US for Under-Grad students in India

Virtual Counselling

Connect with Mentors who have graduated from and currently are excelling professionally in the field of your interest for more personalized guidance throughout your application process and beyond

Advisory Review

Receive detailed feedback on your choice of course, university selections, application materials including SOPs, Resume and LORs and more whenever you need it 

Professional Network

Build and grow your professional network as you connect with experts in your field who have been there and done what you want to do, while building a connection beyond just the application phase

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Our Mentors know the journey. We are a team of ex-students from India and are now working professionals in a variety of industries spanning technology, management and engineering in companies such as Goldman Sachs, PwC, Facebook, Visa, Oracle, Deloitte and KPMG. 

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We know there is a mountain of information available on the internet. Therefore, we have no doubt that you have adequate access at your fingertips to navigate the basics of the process – and we encourage just that.

However, we also know there are certain key points in your journey where you will need advice or a mentor to validate your choices and be the soundboard for your decisions while providing you with the information and perspective you seek. With Virtual Counsellor, we respect your independence and want to guide you to make informed decisions for your career. 


Ensuring that you get custom, tailored mentorship is our #1 priority. We will partner you with a Mentor who is an ex-student from the field you specifically are keen on so your Mentor can advise you on your personal journey.


Talking to your Mentor is as easy as connecting with a long-distance friend – From email to video conferencing, all you need is a phone or laptop to get connected to your Mentor! 


As a team, we encourage you to be as informed as possible and do your research, with our Mentors helping you wherever you feel stuck. Thus, you are the master of your own decisions with your Mentor serving as your professional advisor.


Your Mentor will provide help in the areas you most need – right from choosing the course, to selecting universities based on your profile, reviewing documents and connecting you with other professionals in the field as required. 


Here’s What to Expect

Having been through this journey ourselves not too long ago, we’re here to lend our advice and mentorship while giving you the space to make your own decisions, at your own time


No idea what to do after your under-grad? We’ll help you determine what course is most suitable based on your interests and profile


If you’re joining us early, we will tell you how to enhance your profile prior to your applications to ensure you put your best foot forward during prime time! 


We’ll help you select the universities which are most aligned to your career interests – both before applying and after receiving admits


We’ll ensure a minimum of two mentors review your documents so you get that final edge above your peers with detailed feedback

We Know You’re Broke. 

Students are often (if not always) picking pennies and the MS application process brings with it an entire flood of expenses. For that reason, your first session is on the house! If you like what you experience, you can join us for the whole deal. 

It shouldn’t be expensive to connect with a Mentor! Keeping that in mind, we’ve defined a cost-effective and student-friendly price – contact us to know more. 

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Mentorship Plans

Opt for the plan that best suits your needs depending on where you are in this journey!


• Register and receive one free 30-minute session with a Mentor for overall career guidance and advice 



• 5 sessions with your Mentor, of which one is complimentary
• 30-minute sessions 
• Document Reviews
• Career Guidance 



Unlimited Mentorship sessions with extensive guidance
• 30-minute sessions 
• Document Reviews
• Career Advice


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We are a team of ex-students determined to 
pay it forward

Our Mentors have graduated from reputed universities with a Master’s degree and are now working as full-time professionals in a wide range of industries. 

Virtual Counsellor is a platform to connect ambitious, driven under-grad students in India with like-minded and experienced professionals who have excelled in their fields globally via education mentorship.

We are purely online and all interactions between the student and mentor happen virtually (email, phone conversations, etc.) since our Mentors are all around the globe – this ensure utmost convenience for the student since they can now connect with their mentor right from their couch! 

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