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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked. A lot.

How often will I receive guidance from my Mentor? 

We leave it entirely to the discretion of the Mentor and student to set a cadence of communication. Since the Mentors who are a part of Virtual Counsellor are full-time working professionals, often with traveling jobs, immediate responses are sometimes not possible given work commitments. Therefore, it is ideal to discuss a set cadence of communication and urgent timelines well in advance with your Mentor so they are able to provide you with the ideal guidance in good time.

Who will my Mentor will be? 

At the time of registration, we will evaluate your profile in detail and match you to the Mentor most suited for you. At a minimum, this means they have completed their MS in the field of your interest from a reputed university and were in your shoes not too long ago.

What courses are currently supported? 

Since we are a relatively young team, our Mentors are currently MS graduates in:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Engineering Management
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

One of the factors we pride ourselves in the most is custom and tailored guidance from a Mentor who is experienced in the field of your interest, therefore we are only supporting registrations from students aiming for the above courses.

We are actively working to recruit additional Mentors to cover a wider range of courses.

Will my Mentor apply to universities / write my admission documents for me ? 

Our mission is to make you as independent and self-reliant as possible – absolutely no one should have equal or more control on your application materials than you. We are here to Mentor you – which means advice, guidance, discussions and reviews are absolutely provided but we will not be tracking deadlines for you, writing your admissions forms, SOP / LOR / Resume and applying to universities for you.

Can I sign up in my first / second year as well?

Absolutely! It’s never too late or too early – the earlier the better, we can provide guidance / advice on how you can build your profile in time for the application season. However, do note that if you are in your second or third year you may not receive as frequent guidance as you would in your final year – just because there are no deadlines to pursue at that time. However, be assured that our Mentors will be definitely be available for questions and advice and you can even schedule periodic touch points. We recommend starting with once in two months for general help around career direction.

If I paid during my first / second year, do I have to pay again during application time? 

Certainly not. Once your Mentor is assigned to you, they will support you throughout. However, as stated in the previous question, communication will naturally be less as compared to application time and more on an as-needed basis.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?

Yes absolutely. If you sign up for the free or basic, you can always sign up for the basic or complete respectively and pay the difference when you opt to upgrade.

Is my information / admission material confidential? 

Without question. Only our team at Virtual Counsellor will have access to your documents and only your Mentor and one other Mentor will be reading and reviewing your SOP, LORs and Resume.

How can I reach my Mentor? 

In the spirit of professional networking, we strongly recommend email only and scheduled phone calls. Please refrain from sending texts / calling without an appointment since your Mentor could be in a work setting at the time. If there is an urgent issue, please ensure you specify so in an email’s subject line.

What if I wish to change my Mentor? 

We strive to ensure that you receive only the very best guidance from your Mentor and our intake process for Mentors is extremely stringent. However, if you are facing any issues at all or need any help with regards to your Mentor, please email our support team at virtualcounsellorhelp@gmail.com.

Can I keep in touch with my Mentor after my application process as well? 

Yes, yes and YES! The whole idea is to build your professional network as you grow in your career and this is the first foundational stone for building that empire. We truly believe the power of a strong network is invaluable, and we hope you will nurture your relationship with your Mentor well beyond the application process.

For any queries, please email us!