Empowering You to Take Control of Your Career

Hop on the DIY Bandwagon: 5 Essential Steps to Effective Planning

Before any undertaking or venture, whether academic or professional, I stand by the power of heading to the whiteboard and chalking out a plan. Nothing fancy – just a simple, step-by-step plan integrated with dates and milestones. Why? Control. It’s really that simple. Having a strong strategy with well thought out activities allows you to…
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The Ultimate Self-Prep GRE Guide

You’ve decided you want to give the GRE, and you’re determined to give it on your own – As someone who scored a 335 without classes, I can tell you that these are two great decisions, you’re already off to a good start! However, much like any other exam, the GRE takes careful planning, tons…
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The Power of Professional Networking

What is a Network? Indian students everywhere will relate when I say that we don’t know about the concept of a ‘network’ until we are well into our professional career. Recruiting happens through the college’s TPO and companies come on campus in the final year to recruit students. So why do you really need a…
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